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Please note all transactions have now been incorporated into DealStats, which is replacing Pratt's Stats.

Subscribers to Pratt's Stats now have access to DealStats for the duration of their Pratt's Stats subscription. To help with the transition, subscribers will continue to have access to the Pratt's Stats search platform through October 31, 2018 (when Pratt's Stats is phased out) or until your current subscription expires, whichever occurs first.

The Single Search purchase option in Pratt's Stats has been replaced by the Day Pass purchase option in DealStats. Please visit DealStats to learn more.

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EBITDA:  From: To:
Discretionary Earnings:  From: To:
Total Assets:  From: To:
Sale Date:  From: To:
MVIC Price (Market Value of Invested Capital):  From: To:
Transaction Type:   
Net Profit Margin (0.1 = 10%):  From: To:
Operating Profit Margin (0.1 = 10%):  From: To:
Fixed Charge Coverage:  From: To:
Asset Turnover:  From: To:
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The values you see in the search engine represent the values in the entire database. For example,
the Sales “From” box represents the lowest Sales figure in the database and the Sales “To” box
represents the highest Sales figure.

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Search Tip #1

To select a range of SIC and/or NAICS codes:
  1. Select a starting code.
  2. Hold down the left button on your mouse.
  3. Move the mouse up/down to select a range.

Or select a starting code, press “CONTROL” and click additional codes until your group is created.

Search Tip #2
  • Text (word) boxes act like keyword searches.
  • Example: Entering "computers" in Business Description finds the word "computers" in descriptions.
  • Entering "computers" does not find "computer." For a broader search, try the singular form of the word.