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Designed specifically for business valuation professionals, the PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Comps Tool helps you build a list of comparables with comprehensive financials and links to source documents, income statements, balance sheets, and statements of cash flow. Set your criteria, do the search, then easily review and modify the list. Now strengthen your analysis and streamline your workflow with the new Excel plugin. This tool enables you to drastically reduce the time it takes to develop and analyze a set of defensible comps when utilizing the guideline public company method.

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If you haven’t taken the Public Company Comps Tool for a spin lately, now is the time!  New features include:

  • New Excel Plugin! Easily integrate data with Excel, build your own model or choose from existing templates, then examine, manipulate, and update your analysis with one click (Download Excel Plugin User Guide)
  • Dedicated search tabs for key fields, SIC codes, industry, location, financials, multiples & ratios
  • Searchable glossary
  • Real-time display of comps count by industry
  • Even more user-friendly interface
Listen to the free webinar on the new PitchBook Excel Plugin >>

With the launch of the PitchBook plugin for Excel, BVR users now have seamless real-time access to PitchBook data from Excel without the need for export or entry. Hear product manager Alex Legault and senior analyst Dan Cook as cover all you need to know about this great new tool

Save time and get results that will earn the respect of your client, auditors, lawyers, and all the other users of your valuation reports
  • Get financial statements, financial ratios, and valuation multiples for specific public companies on demand—Let’s say your client gives you a list of three public companies in their industry. Enter the name or ticker symbols of the companies and the PitchBook/BVR Guideline Public Company Comps Tool™ delivers the exact financial data you request—often before the client has finished their discussion of competitors. Get financial data for any time period you choose.

  • Spend your time picking the very best comps—The PitchBook/BVR database is the richest available, and includes all publicly filed data—even for delisted companies. Does one of your comps have a higher percent of revenue from distribution than your target company? Remove it. Does a company from a different SIC code have better matching characteristics? Add it. You’ll have lower coefficients of variation—and more dependable data sets—than you’ve ever had before.

  • Improve the quality of your comparables—You can find comps in the PitchBook/BVR Tool by using almost any variable you can imagine: SIC code, industry, keyword, revenue, assets, or any of other data points available from the Morningstar database. Change the range of your search criteria to expand or reduce the initial set of comparables.

  • Stop reformatting public company data. How much time do you spend reformatting public company financial information (if you’re lucky enough to find what you need)? Because you can pick only the financial data, financial ratios and pricing multiples you want, the PitchBook/BVR data integrates directly into your appraisal reports and spreadsheets. With the new Excel Plugin feature, you can now streamline your workflow by building your own models or choose from existing templates.  The Plugin allows you to examine, manipulate and update your analysis with just one click. 
  • Make sure you have every comp that counts—The GPCM requires as much appraiser judgment as any other method; no two appraisers will find exactly the same set of comps. But, there’s nothing worse than missing the essential public company in your analysis. PitchBook/BVR can’t guarantee its results, because it’s your judgment, after all. But, you’ll sleep easier knowing that our search parameters and databases give you the highest chance of finding every key comparable easily.

  • Pick Your Specific Valuation Dates—PitchBook/BVR retrieves public market stock price data for your specific valuation date, and combines it with the current 10K or other quarterly filing via our license with Morningstar. You’ll know the exact financial ratios or valuation multiples for your selected group of comparables in one click.

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