Industry and State Profiles by First Research, Inc.

In today’s competitive landscape, professionals must stand out from the crowd by bringing real value and insight to the table. First Research Industry Profiles and State/Province Profiles provide detailed industry analysis and state economics analysis. In a matter of minutes you can gain key insights into your industry or state. The First Research Profiles provide information across an array of industries and niche markets that can be easily accessed and configured to help you and your clients address specific business issues, avoid risks, and capture opportunities.
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> SUBSCRIPTIONS: 1-year U.S. Industry Profile Subscription $1,139 | 1-year Canadian Industry and Province Profile Subscription $469

> SINGLE PROFILES: Single U.S. Industry Profiles $139 | Single U.S. State Profile $99 | Single Canadian Industry Profiles $69 | Single Canadian Province $99

Benefits of using First Research reports:

  • First Research does the “heavy lifting” for you – save valuable time and research dollars with access to 500+ U.S. Industry Profiles, 50 State Profiles, one for Washington DC, 35 Canadian Industry Profiles, and 10 Canadian Province Profiles

  • Keep current with industry changes – First Research updates their U.S. Industry Profiles and State Profiles quarterly, and the 5-year forecasts twice a year. Canadian Industry Profiles are updated annually and the Canadian Province Profiles are updated monthly. Included in the industry information are industry trends, industry statistics, financial ratios, valuation multiples and included in the state information is state analysis and many other topics

  • Readily spot key business challenges and industry opportunities – access easy-to-read reports, delivered to you immediately upon purchase

  • Utilize state-of-the-art search – Easily find the Industry Profile you need searching by SIC code, NAICS code or category

  • Access historical reports U.S. historical Industry Profiles available with yearly subscription. Canadian historical Province Profiles available with yearly subscription. (Canadian historical Industry Profiles not available at this time but will be available in the future.)

First Research reports include:

Industry Profile Sections:   State/Province Profile Sections:
Critical issues The big picture
Quarterly industry update Employment data
Industry overview Major industry update
Credit and business risk issues Local real estate summary
Business trends Website resources
5 year industry forecasts based on InForum data
(updated twice a year)

Update schedule and historical report availability:

Profile How often updated? Historicals available? How far back are historicals?
U.S. Industry Portions are updated quarterly.
All content is updated annually. *
Yes January 2010**
U.S. State Monthly Yes January 2010
Canadian Industry Annually No N/A***
Canadian Province Monthly Yes January 2010

*Each industry profile is archived quarterly, but only a portion of the profiles is updated quarterly. All receive updated Human Resources statistics,
Economic Statistics and Information, and Industry Indicators; the majority receive a new Quarterly Industry Update paragraph. Once a year they are reviewed in full.
**Any report before June 2013 will have the correct date in the file name but could have a nonmatching date within the report. If that's the case, the file name date is correct.
*** Historical Canadian Industry Profiles will be added in the future.

(Please Note: All Profiles are delivered to the buyer either via email in PDF format or are downloadable from the website.)