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Poultry & Egg Production
SIC Codes: 0251, 0252, 0253, 0254, 0259
NAICS Codes: 1123
Last Quarterly Update: 3/18/2019
Companies in this industry breed, hatch, and raise poultry for meat or egg production. Major companies include Perdue Farms, Foster Farms, and Tyson (all based in the US) as well as JBS and BRF (Brazil), Charoen Pokphand Foods (Thailand), Guangdong Wen's Food Group and New Hope Group (China), and Industrias Bachoco (Mexico).
Worldwide poultry and egg production, including chicken, goose, duck, and other fowl, generates about $550 in annual revenue. Some 25 billion live chickens are produced worldwide each year, with highest production in China, the US, and Indonesia. Demand is growing due to an increasing population, higher incomes, and urbanization.
The US poultry and egg production industry includes about 140,000 farms with combined annual revenue of about $47 billion.
The industry doesn't include slaughter, processing, or packing operations. Poultry processing is covered in the Poultry Product Manufacturing profile.
Competitive Landscape
Demand is driven by food prices and consumption trends. The profitability of individual farms depends on efficient operations and anticipating market demand. Large companies have advantages in vertically integrated operations and economies of scale. Small operations can compete effectively by specializing in certain breeds, supplying local markets, or raising humanely treated or hormone-free animals. The US industry is concentrated: the top 14% of companies account for about 75% of revenue.
Because of the products' perishability, international trade in live poultry and eggs is limited. US exports of live poultry and eggs mainly go to Canada and Mexico. Imports come primarily from Canada. Exports account for about 2% of US production. Imports account for less than 1% of the US market.
Products, Operations & Technology
Revenue for the industry in the US comes primarily from chickens (about 70% of industry value of production), eggs (about 20%), and turkeys (about 10% ... plus:
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Human Resources
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