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Architectural Services
SIC Codes: 0781, 8712
NAICS Codes: 54131, 54132
Last Quarterly Update: 9/23/2019
Companies in this industry plan and design residential, institutional, leisure, and industrial buildings and spaces, as well as landscapes. Prominent firms include US-based AECOM, Gensler, HDR, and Perkins + Will, as well as IBI (Canada), Nikken Sekkei (Japan), and Woods Bagot (Australia).
In many markets worldwide, improving economic conditions are helping boost construction investment and driving demand for architectural services. For many major firms, working globally is the norm.
The US architecture industry includes about 26,700 establishments (single-location companies and units of multi-location companies) with combined annual revenue of about $40 billion.
Competitive Landscape
Demand for architectural services depends heavily on the volume of residential and commercial construction. Because most costs are fixed, profitability depends on a constant inflow of work. Architectural firms are often small because there are few economies of scale in the industry: architectural design costs for a large company are typically greater than for a small company. The industry is highly fragmented: the 50 largest US firms account for about 20% of revenue.
Products, Operations & Technology
Building-related architectural services account for about 90% of industry revenue; landscape architecture accounts for about 10%. Among building-related ... plus:
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